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Snakeskin Book Fair

September 2, 2013

November’s Snakeskin will be a book fair.

Here’s how it works. Poets who have produced a book or pamphlet during the past twelve months are invited to send us a sample poem, plus a short piece (120 words maximum) about the book. (Obviously Snakeskin’s usual rules about previous publication don’t apply in this case.)

We’ll display the results in the November zine, and with luck you’ll find some new readers.

Snakeskin goes to Huddersfield

May 16, 2012

Snakeskin editorial HQ is moving to Yorkshire at the end of this week. Which should make no difference to the operation of either webzine or blog – but could mean that email communication will be disrupted for a few days.

Snakeskin 185

March 1, 2012

The new Snakeskin is online, and there’s plenty of it.
In fact, there’s a whole cornucopia of very varied verse.
This issue is a double one, because the editor will be moving house at the end of March, and may be without Internet access for a few days.
The next Snakeskin will therefore go online at the start of May. All contributions are welcome.

An essay worth reading

January 25, 2012

There’s a very good essay by Paul Lake in the Winter Anthology. It is about ‘The Shape of Poetry’ at

Bruce Bentzman and the scruffy men

March 23, 2011

Bruce continues heading West:

Scruffy men roam the streets of Santa Fe. You see them walking into town, or leaving, on the highways. They appear lean and tough, toting perhaps all their worldly belongings (are there any other kinds of belongings?) in oversized, stained duffle bags or backpacks. Bearded and dark-eyed, their hair long and shiny, I think of them as mountain men walking into town to restock. I was expecting them to be leading mules, although I saw no mules. Santa Fe tolerated them.

The scruffy men occupied the the street corners and I never saw them molested by the authorities, and I’ve been told they don’t molest the public, not even to panhandle. Santa Fe is so decent. Read the rest of this entry »

Helena Nelson on Poetry Competitions

March 7, 2011

Anyone who goes in for poetry competitions (especially those that make you pay a hefty fee for participating) will find Helena Nelson’s latest Happenstance blog post well worth reading.


January 20, 2011

Please don’t expect Snakeskin‘s editor to pay too much attention to poetry in the near future. His mind is fully occupied with an even more deeply involving subject – his new dog.

Bill is a Labrador, aged 19 months, whose previous owner has moved to New Zealand. The photo does not do justice to his colour – which is dark chocolate.

Maybe we should have a special Snakeskin theme issue on the subject of dogs some time…


January 16, 2011

That very talented poet, M.A.Griffiths, died in 2009. I am very pleased to learn that Grasshopper, a collection of her work, has been published by Arrowhead Books.

Here is a poem of hers that appeared in Snakeskin.

Pumpkin Pie

He’d sworn that she was not his type, too thin
with, at the most, three-quarters of a mind
and, Geez, that laugh – a gerbil drowned in gin!
He’d stressed again that he abhorred that kind
of wet-lipped tart with slap fit for a clown,
all tawdry flesh and flash, a laughing stock,
hems hoist like flags and necklines plunging down:
sure signs of too much mileage on the clock.

His wife soon read the tale in Visa’s sums,
his statements contradicted, line by line;
how odd a modern fairytale becomes
when fantasy and fact and lies combine.

That ugly sister was a myth – instead
he’d had a ball in Cinderella’s bed.

Portraits and Self-Portraits – December theme issue

September 10, 2010

December Snakeskin will be a special theme issue,  guest-edited by David Graham.Its theme will be Portraits and Self-Portraits.

That’s pretty self-explanatory, but please note that verse of all forms and styles, and in all moods will be welcomed for consideration. Descriptions could be physical, moral or metaphorical. So please send your word-pictures of your granny, your boss, your favourite film-star, your worst enemy, yourself, or anyone else, to David Graham at:

He is looking forward to hearing from you.

Sorry we’re late

July 5, 2010

July Snakeskin is online at last – and a good one, I think. Look at Levi Wagenmaker’s terrific sequence of ‘stanzons’, and the sequence translated from the Hungarian of György Faludy.

Apologies for the delay, but your editor is knee-deep in A-level papers at the moment, marking the critical efforts of seventeen-year-olds in an attempt to raise a bit of cash. A sometimes enjoyable task, and sometimes a depressing one, but a slow one when you are as easily distracted as I am. A candidate mentions a poem. I look it up to check the reference, and before I know it I’ve read half the anthology, and the paper is still unmarked. But I persevere.


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