A poem from Ukraine

June 2, 2022

Snakeskin receives poems from all over the world, and this month we were sent a batch from Vyacheslav Konoval, who explains:

I am a resident of Kyiv. 
Ukraine is a war-standing with Russian occupants.
I have written the poems. I would like to share it with You.

The poems were not selected for June Snakeskin, but I thought that I would share one here with you:

Occupier, You are a weak ignoramus!

Occupier, You are a weak ignoramus,
You can’t take freedom away from the people.
Without chivalry will not become famous,
in the looting feeling the smell of fecal.

Occupier, bastard,
You rape the flowering of Ukrainian women,
beastly and perverted Your look on Your face plastered,
the war grabbed all bravery and good man.

Occupiers, run away,
there is still time,
Armed Forces of Ukraine
will cook from Russians the lime.

One Response to “A poem from Ukraine”

  1. Clive Donovan Says:

    Love that poem from Vyacheslav — the tension of the passion, the fury, the struggle with language…Clive Donovan.

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