Back again

April 23, 2022

Crisis over – mostly.

Snakeskin has a new webspace provider afte the death of Extendnet. The current issue is back online, plus a very skeletal selection of other files.

Over the next week or so we shall be reassembling the whole archive of twenty-six years of poetry. But as I said earlier, there will be no May issue.

This sort of thing has happened before during our long history. It’s deeply annoying, but is part of the digital life. We’re sort of used to it.

Our correspondent Bruce Bentzman is among those annoyed that there will be no May issue. He has an essay lined up for us, and it is a topical one. So we’ve decided that, instead of keeping it till June, we shall publish it as a post in this blog towards the end of the month. Look out for it.

4 Responses to “Back again”

  1. Nell Nelson Says:

    How annoying for you, George! But will look forward to the June event. In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of SNAKESKIN…

  2. Ed Boyle Says:

    I hope the insufferable and unreadable ‘Mr’ Bentzman loves you as much as you obviously adore him!

  3. Ed Boyle Says:

    I like it sometimes. And as a poetry fan I reserve the right to read what I want, thank you very much. It just seems to contain too much old fogeyism and be too much of the old pals’ act. And a serious editor wouldn’t stain the site with his own doggerel.

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