New Year

January 1, 2022

A Happy New Year to all our readers.

The January issue is shaping up well, but, because of the editor’s riotous lifestyle, may not be online until the 2nd. Or possibly the 3rd.

2 Responses to “New Year”

  1. Nell Nelson Says:

    Happy New Riot, dear George, and may your shadow never grow shorter. x

  2. Liza McAlister Williams Says:

    Happy New Year, George, and All!
    A thought for the occasion:
    “Time Marches On”

    My things are getting threadbare,
    the curtains hanging limp.
    Even the clock, so spry these years,
    is hobbling with a gimp.
    The books are piled in corners,
    on shelves and on the floor –
    soon there will not be room to move
    to the window from the door.
    No time to answer email:
    I’m reading for all I’m worth
    to keep ahead of the tide of books,
    the opposite of dearth.
    I noted the old year waning,
    and dutifully rang in the new;
    my resolution is heartfelt;
    my procrastination, too…

    Liza McA. Williams

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