March Snakeskin will be USEFUL

February 1, 2021

February Snakeskin is now online, and is the usual cornucopia of various verses. You’ll enjoy it.

The important news is that next month Snakeskin will consist entirely of USEFUL POETRY.

Too often the unimaginative and the semi-literate decry poetry as useless. We shall prove them wrong with an issue of verse with a real-world practical purpose. Expect rhymed recipes, mnemonics, advice to the lovelorn, counselling for the obese, and so forth. Submissions are requested.

4 Responses to “March Snakeskin will be USEFUL”

  1. Monty Says:

    Some Irish chap once proclaimed that “all art is quite useless”.

    • Monty Says:

      . . . and lest his words be misinterpreted, Wilde was actually paying art the highest compliment. He was saying that art doesn’t need to have a ‘use’; that it doesn’t exist to be ‘useful’; that it need not serve any function at all . . all it needs to do is be! Like the old chestnut goes: Art for art’s sake, and all that.

  2. artpoetblog Says:

    Hi George,

    I’ve recently had a new book of poems published and am writing to enquire about sending a review copy to Snakeskin. Although I have had books of poetry published in the past, this is the first time I’ve handled this aspect of publication, so I apologies if this sounds like an odd question: do you prefer that poets include a cover letter with review copies, or would you rather just receive the book with a minimal amount of information (eg cost of the book, where it can be bought, and so on)?

    Or would you rather not receive unsolicited review copies altogether?

    All the best


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