Twenty-Five Years

December 1, 2020

Happy Birthday to Snakeskin.

The first issue of the webzine hit the baby Internet back in 1995. We’ve come a long way since then.

The special anniversary issue is now online, including poems by Snakeskin regulars, and by newcomers.

It also contains details of the editor’s new poetry collection, Old and Bookish. Fuller details of that will be coming to this blog very soon.

7 Responses to “Twenty-Five Years”

  1. rose cook Says:

    Congratulations 🖤 a great achievement x

  2. Anonymous Says:

    A terrific achievement, George. A great magazine over many years. One of the real gems of British poetry. (O, and I very much liked Lynn’s poetry.)

  3. Congratulations on this achievement.

  4. Congratulations, George. It just gets better and better.

  5. John Wood Says:

    Happy birthday Snakeskin (Where have I been all your life?)
    Your editorial led me to Re:United which gave me the most fun I’ve had reading anything for many moons. Oh, and I’ve been asked by a friend of my granddaughter (one Frances O’Donohue) if I would post this:

    Grinnily grannily
    Penny Montgomery.
    Just found your emails to
    Creepy old Stan.

    What an unprincipled
    Posthumous love from your
    Granddaughter Fran. Xx

  6. […] that another of the first places to take my work has reached a milestone. Happy 25th anniversary to Snakeskin Poetry. I think George was the first to take a proper poem of mine back in 2013, my poem about a Knife […]

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