A Poem with a Moral

August 13, 2020

Samantha Finch was sweet and nice
And followed government advice.
Her story, in this time of virus,
Should warn us, and perhaps inspire us.
Samantha met a man called Jim;
He fancied her; she fancied him.
He would have asked her out to dine,
And things might then have turned out fine,
But in those days fear of Corona
Forced each pub- and restaurant-owner
To shut their doors to all who might
Have plans for a romantic night.

He asked her ‘Come up to my flat.’
The rules did not allow for that.
He said, ‘Well, let’s go for a walk
And we can have a pleasant talk.’
She rewarded his persistence
With: ‘Two metres is the distance.’
They walked a bit, but conversation
Flagged, in such a situation.
And she allowed him little doubt
All closer contact must be out.
He left her. It began to rain.
She did not hear from him again.
Sadly, he’d misunderstood
Her zeal to help the public good
By keeping properly apart
For an indifference of the heart.
It had not been untenderness
But a wish to help the NHS.
Oh, how she wished she could explain,
But chances do not come again.
Some years after that she perished,
Lonely, bitter, and uncherished.

Moral: This proves the ancient saw:
Obey your heart more than the law.

4 Responses to “A Poem with a Moral”

  1. Simon Bowden Says:

    Very nice, pertinent poem. Shades of Hilaire B for our time.

  2. You don’t get much more pertinent than that. Nice one, George.

  3. Pertinently impertinent, then.

  4. Ray Miller Says:

    Saddened by her bitter end. But there are those who will defend. The NHS.

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