A Fable

June 13, 2020

In a distant country, years ago
A cruel illness made a slow
But nasty progress through the land
And threatened to get out of hand.
The king and his advisors, shaken,
Declared firm measures must be taken
To stop the plague from taking hold.
They issued diktats firm and bold.
No citizen must ever roam,
But all must always stay at home,
And must stay six long feet apart,
Even from the darlings of their heart.

But, fearing he’d be disobeyed,
The king said: ‘Make the plebs afraid.’
His men drew graphs and uttered lectures
About how wickedly infectious
The illness was, and they so hyped
It up that almost no-one griped –
No, most were most obedient, fleeing
The touch of any human being.
They washed their hands obsessively
And took delight especially
In letting the police force know
If any deviant dared to go
To visit with his family.
The plebs deplored this, virtuously.

The King was pleased and took immense
Delight in folk’s obedience.
In time, peak plague was almost passed,
So he announced: ‘We’re done at last!
I’ll free you now from lockdown laws,’
He said, expecting loud applause.
But no – when told they were delivered,
The people simply stood and quivered.
He said, ‘Now have a prudent lark
In our delightful public park.’
But though the day was bright and hot,
They whimpered: ‘We would rather not.’
We’d much rather keep on fleeing
Every fellow human being.
Let’s keep those rules a few weeks more,
Until the plague is gone for sure.’
They liked the strictness of the rule.
They kept their children out of school,
They kept from work; they kept from play.
The trains stayed empty every day.
Everywhere folks showed resistance
To shortening their social distance.
The king encouraged: ‘Build up trade,’
But everyone was too afraid.
The country, prosperous up till this,
Now lingered in paralysis.
Prosperity did not return,
And I suggest that we can learn
From this sad tale of yesteryear
A moral that is very clear.
Fear, once unleashed, is hard to tame.
And after, things won’t be the same.

5 Responses to “A Fable”

  1. helene a demetriades Says:

    Great George!

  2. Nell Nelson Says:

    Thank goodness this is only a fable, and not actually TRUE. You nailed it, George…..

  3. Well done. I love fables and have written a few myself.

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