The Young British Poets

April 1, 2020

In April Snakeskin, Sharon Phillips has rather a good poem (‘Looking Good’) which references a seventies book, The Young British Poets, edited by Jeremy Robson.

Here is a scan of the book’s cover. I wonder how many of the poets readers can recognise. I think I score half a dozen definites, plus a couple of possibles.

No prizes – but how many can you identify?

2 Responses to “The Young British Poets”

  1. Nell Nelson Says:

    You score more than me! I just think they all look strangely familiar. And all men, of course, except possibly the one smoking a cigarette, who could be a rebellious girl. Only the seventies! Lord, it looks much older than that!! But a terrific picture.

  2. Google’s image search function could probably identify most of them one by one, but one-by-oneing them is beyond my skill (or possibly patience). Interesting, though. And, as Nell almost says, How many women should be in the picture? Who’s there, and who isn’t there (men and women)?

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