Bookshops and Libraries

October 2, 2018

The November issue of Snakeskin will be one of our theme numbers. The subject is


Both of these sometimes look like endangered species these days, but we don’t just want elegies. Tell us about your favourite library, or the bookshop whose owner glared at you. Or the library where you learned the facts of life, or the bookshop where you learned the secret of love. Or whatever. Deadline 27th October.

One Response to “Bookshops and Libraries”

  1. Liza Williams Says:

    Hi, George! Here’s a little poem about a library (written as a children’s poem¦


    The library clock says tick, tock,

    Tock, tick, time to pick

    The book that we’ll read, yes indeed

    Tock, tick, tick tock.

    The library fish go swish, swish,

    Wish we could read instead of splosh!

    Oh my gosh, don’t they wish!

    Splish, splosh, splosh, splish.

    The library door goes open, close,

    Close, open, open close.

    How many times? Nobody knows.

    One for each book, do you suppose?

    A book is a door, so here’s hopin’

    They all find someone to swing them open.

    Liza McAlister Williams

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