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Alison Brackenbury reads

February 14, 2016

I very rarely go to poetry readings. In fact, I’m slightly nervous of them. I’ve sat squirming during embarrassing recitals, and I’ve sat depressed while mumblers fail to do justice to their work.

There was no danger of either of these happening last week, though, when Snakeskin poet Alison Brackenbury headed northwards to Leeds University, to read from her work.

Alison is a very good poet who first appeared in Snakeskin in 2001; , she is also an excellent reader. Her gentle voice is clear and light, and lets you hear the poem’s form without over-stressing it.

The poems I liked best were the ones about her grandfather’s First World War memories and the intriguing one that invited us to wonder what Sylvia Plath would have become had she survived. And the poem ‘And’, with its first line: ‘Sex is like Criccieth…’ She also let us hear ‘Skies’, the title poem of her new collection, which will be published at the end of March.


Alison writes about the new collection here:

Resolution: I must get to more poetry readings.