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November 26, 2015

It was a week or two ago that I suddenly realised.
December will mark a notable Snakeskin anniversary.
It was in December 1995 that the first issue of Snakeskin went online, which means that we’ve now been carrying on, more or less steadily, for twenty years.
I thought about writing some sort of account of Snakeskin’s early days for the December issue, but then remembered that the job had already been done. A few years ago, Helena Nelson was interviewing poetry editors for her excellent and fondly remembered print magazine, Sphinx. When she interviewed me, I said quite a bit about Snakeskin’s origins, aims and history.
Quite a few readers will not have seen that interview, so, with Helena’s permission, I am reprinting it in the anniversary issue.
But – twenty years!
Are we the only webzine to have survived from those early days?
If so – how did it happen?
Well, I suppose I got into the habit. And I don’t feel like stopping quite yet.