Welcome to Britain

August 28, 2015

Today Snakeskin’s essayist, Bruce Bentzman arrives in Britain (with of course Ms. Keogh, his more significant other) to begin a new  life in Wales.

Being a Patrick O’Brian fan, he has crossed the Atlantic by sea, and has already sent dispatches indicating that he has noted the regular flashes of the Portland Bill lighthouse. He also had a taste of Britain on board, when served a pint of London Pride beer. It was not to his liking. (I warn you, Bruce, you’ll find many worse pints in Wales.)

Once established in Wales, Bruce will, of course, continue his series of essays.

When he moved from suburbia, he changed the title of the series from ‘Suburban Soliloquies’ to ‘From the Night Factory’.  What we have to consider is – should he mark this new change in his affairs with a new title.

‘Welsh Whimsies’?

‘A Yank Abroad’?

‘Transatlantic Themas’?

Doubtless he will think of something.

Meanwhile – Bruce, welcome  to Britain. I think you’re going to like it here.

One Response to “Welcome to Britain”

  1. B.H. Bentzman Says:

    Worst pints in Wales! Let me tell you, friend, you’ve got to have Brain’s. Fabulous stuff! And I’m walking distance from their brewery.

    How about that game last night? Sorry for your loss, but Ms Keogh and I were ecstatic and we are not particularly sports fans.

    This country suits me to a T. My next essay is in the works.

    [Our “flat” doesn’t have internet access yet. That comes Wednesday. Composing this from a Starbucks, where I was able to get real “coffee” and not an Americano.]

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