My Facebooked poems (Number One)

June 10, 2015

There’s a big Facebook thing at the moment where poets are tagging each other to post a poem a day for five days. I got tagged and joined in rather reluctantly, but it’s been a good experience. Most of my Facebook friends are ex-colleagues and friends from where I used to live, and not folks from the poetry world, and they’ve been nice about the poems.

Mind you, I’m not very good at using Facebook. I go there mostly to play Lexulous.

Anyway, since I’ve had nice feedback from sharing poems there, and since there is not a great deal of overlap between readers of the blog and my facebook acquaintances, I thought I’d put the same poems here as well, just a couple of days later. They’re mostly old poems, by the way.

Here’s number one, designed to set a party mood:


Scatter fifties, flash the plastic;
Let the night be orgiastic
Pile the rare exotic victuals,
Luscious cakes and fruits fantastic.
Inhibitions – fall like skittles!
Life’s too rich for thoughts monastic.
Set the saxophones a-moaning,
Let the trombones boom bombastic.
Guests – resound with lusty groaning
When the dancers get gymnastic.
Pop the champers, pour the whisky
With a wrist enthusiastic.
Let the girls be lithe and frisky;
Let their morals be elastic.
Let no sour Thersites darken
Spirits with remarks sarcastic.
And let (Oh mighty Bacchus, hearken!)
Our hangovers be not too drastic.


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