Shorts online

April 2, 2015

April’s special ‘Short Poems’ issue is now online, with more poets than have ever before appeared in an issue of Snakeskin.

It’s good to have many new names mingling with the familiar ones.

No special themes for a month or two – but what shall I do then?

Has anyone an idea they’d like to suggest for a Snakeskin special issue? It could be a subject, or a form, maybe poems written for a particular audience, or anything really.



6 Responses to “Shorts online”

  1. Mandy Macdonald Says:

    Can’t find it online! Nothing later than the March issue. Can you help?

  2. Robert Nisbet Says:


    Narrative poems, maybe? Dramatic monologues?

    Robert N.


  3. RCPCZ Says:

    George, I had submitted, and didn’t get a response yes/no. Are my emails / submissions going to your spam?

    Future special issue suggestions: Humor, More short poems (the April issue is great!), Tropics wonderland, Science and scientific, Recent headlines, Future


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