March Snakeskin

March 1, 2015

The backlog of poems has built up over a couple of months, while Snakeskin was given over to Jessy’s monsters.

So we’re now online with a cornucopia of new verse – I was spoilt for choice.

For next month, remember – we need short poems.



3 Responses to “March Snakeskin”

  1. Robert Nisbet Says:

    Splendid issue, George. It was particularly interesting to see the recurrence of one fascinating theme, that of the smallness / importance of humanity and its lovers against the mightiness of the universe around them, in poems like Rosemary Badcoe’s ‘Arm’s Length’ (which I thought was excellent), Steve Klepetar’s ‘Weirdness’ and Shirley Wright’s ‘Glimpses’.
    Happy St. David’s Day all round!

  2. Thank you, Robert – very much appreciated! I was just enjoying again ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ by Tom Vaughan, which is marvellously inventive, and must have been great fun to right.

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