February Snakeskin

February 1, 2013

When we have a really good issue, and one bulging with interesting work, I sometimes wonder whether the best might not get lost among the good.

So, since February Snakeskin is now online, and contains a large number of lively poems, I am going to make sure that you don’t miss some that I like very much.

Annie Fisher’s Deathbed Poets I like more, I think, than any poem I have published in recent months.

BeccyPort is a poem new to me, and I think you really should read her two poems in this issue.

Alison Brackenbury is a long-standing Snakeskin favourite, of course, but this month her The Institute of Corrosion is rather special.

I’d also draw your attention to The Burning of Manuscripts by South African poet, Afzal Moolla. This is about the torching by militant Islamists of the Library of Timbuktu – a deeply depressing crime against human history and culture.

But there’s plenty more…

One Response to “February Snakeskin”

  1. Tristan moss Says:

    Hi George,

    I, too, love Annie Fisher’s poem Deathbed Poets – it’s wonderful.



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