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‘Disclaimer’ by Tristan Moss

August 23, 2012

Disclaimer by Snakeskin poet Tristan Moss has just been published by Lapwing Publications of Belfast. It’s a slim pamphlet, containing couple of dozen poems, all of them fairly short. Several are just one sentence, twisting in an unexpected direction. Some are about a relationship, some about life’s oddness. These small poems often pack more punch than many longer efforts.

Here’s Vicissitude, a poem that appeared in Snakeskin a while ago.

part of me’s
one of those picturesque villages
that’s stayed the same
for strangers
who have no interest
in nearby places
that had to change.

If you like that one, try the pamphlet.

Update: The pamphlet is not easy to buy at the monent. The Lapwing website has something of an amateur feel, and has not been updated for a while. Nor have the publishers yet sent the details to Amazon. I am assured, however, that these things will be remedied, and that meanwhile you can email  to  make contact wth the publishers.