Incognizant Slithering

October 16, 2011

Here at Snakeskin we’re very fond of snake poems, and we published a good one last year – Incognizant Slithering by American poet Catherine Zickgraf.
Catherine has alerted me to the fact that a video of her performing the poem is now on YouTube. She’s at the Art Bar, Columbia, South Carolina, and it’s a remarkably sinuous and expressive performance. Take a look.

4 Responses to “Incognizant Slithering”

  1. How exciting! Thank you for posting my video!

  2. 11 people came from this site to watch my video in one day. That’s tremendous! I thank you, George.

    Comparing the version you published with the one I performed really shows how the written and the spoken word can be different. I believe they can be the same, though the wordiness of spoken word tends not to fit well on a published page. Instead, I tend to perform the works I’ve published. Often rewriting into sentences, but not always.

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