Flash Mob Song

August 27, 2011

Here’s another topical poem, by Melanie Houle:

Flash Mob Song

Hi-ho, the merry drink to darkness,
raise the flask to trash and flame.
Strike the harp and join the chorus.
No one here has got a name.

Ring around the bricks and torches,
reel the roving bacchanal
of shattered glass and bleeders fleeing.
Fire it up and watch it fall.

Dance the down-the-alley dash,
sing Armageddon-raptured rhyme.
Now the plague ship’s in the harbour,
we say: it’s the fire this time.

Melanie Houle

2 Responses to “Flash Mob Song”

  1. Nice poem (lame response, sorry – we are waiting out the giant hurrican Irene set to smash the East coast starting later today and through Sunday, with transportation shutting down at noon and mandatory evacuations (I’m okay, however)…..sending you a classic FLASH MOB link – “As one of the first professional symphony orchestras ever Copenhagen Phil (Sjællands Symfoniorkester) did a flash mob at Copenhagen Central Station on May 2nd 2011 playing Ravel’s Bolero. Conductor is Jesper Nordin.”

  2. Thanks for this, Michelle. Best of luck with Irene.

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