In Praise of L. Fullington

July 4, 2011

One of Snakeskin‘s most regular and dependable contributors is L. Fullington, who most months emails a sharply phrased rumination on life to these offices. L’s poems are rarely personal; a typical one picks up some  big idea, and plays with it freely, in free verse. Despite this impersonality, though, the attentive reader will gather a good sense of a strong personality;  much remains hidden, though, behind that single initial; even the poet’s gender. And that’s the way the poet wants it.

Today is the Fourth of July, and L. Fullington has sent a typical and topical squib to mark the occasion. Maxfield Parrish is a favourite artist of the poet, and one of his pictures provides the peg for the poem.

Young American Writing the Declaration of Independence

What would we have done
If Maxfield Parrish arrived
After the Computer Age?

King Cole is still here
And the Declaration demanded daily
But the Young American Writer
Can copy it from the internet
And nobody knows what he looks like
Or cares if he lives abroad or inside
Real-life borders.
But how would Parrish have
Painted that?

A selection of poetry pamphlets by L. Fullington can be found on the Lulu Press website.


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