Bentzman hits L.A. and is impressed by the plumbing

March 20, 2011

Bruce wrote a postcard to friends living in Manhattan:

We have made it. This afternoon I finally saw the Pacific Ocean from The Getty Center. At first I could not be sure if I was viewing the Pacific or a bay. There was a haze that erased the distance and I thought the shadows might have been the far shore. Came the late afternoon, I could see more clearly here was a plain of water extending to the horizon.

He adds:

So far, every Hampton Inn we’ve stayed in had a shower in a bath, fairly typical. The one in Flagstaff was the first that did not have a bath, but it was a wonderful shower enclosed behind sliding glass doors. Tonight in Los Angeles, we find ourselves with a faucets and shower head mounted onto the far wall of the lavatory. There is a shower curtain that screens off that end of the room and the tile floor takes a slight dip, but nothing more distinguishes it as a shower. This is a hotel room intended for someone in a wheelchair.

It happens that there really isn’t a better room available and this one was provided to us at a discount. We had not been warned that it was wheelchair accessible. The discovery was disconcerting at first. I just took a shower and rather enjoyed the experience. It reminded me of a hotel in Kyoto where the tiny lavatory was also the shower stall. You could sit on the toilet while showering if you wanted to. Not so in the present lavatory, which is large enough to park a Fiat, if anyone in the U.S. remembers Fiat.

My apologies to all who are reading this. Each day is rich with adventures, yet having those adventures takes up time. I have collected copious notes of my experiences and have even more thoughts waiting for a chance to record to paper.

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