Bentzman in New Mexico

March 17, 2011

The journey continues:

We have reached Santa Fe where our friend Skip has opened his house to us. Skip is a retired professor of Psychology. All the houses area adobe in appearance and melt into the landscape. Skip’s home is no different. The homes dot the mountainside and are surround by scrub and dirt. His home, which is typical, has no attic or basement, the high ceilings are held up by timber beams that give confidence. Skip has made much of his furniture of wood scraps. His rough, hardy tables are massive and comfortable. Ms Keogh asked if she needed a coaster for her mug of tea and Skip replied, “are you kidding? If I really don’t like the stain I can sand it down.” We’ve been with Skip since yesterday and despite all the subjects broached we have not been able to find a difference of opinion we could have fun arguing.

Santa Fe is a different kind of tourist center than Santa Rosa. The merchandise here has an exceptional quality and sincerity. At the historic center it is clean and alive, so very different than Tucumcari. Ms Keogh is texting me about the fantastic lunch she’s consuming, teasing me with pictures. I’m stuck at the Honda dealership on the edge of town getting an oil change and my rear brakes pads replaced.

We did not stop at the automobile musem in Santa Rosa. We decided not to take the time or spend the money. Where we live, Buck County, they have an excellent car show. The museum seemed too small and unpromising.

We also did not find the bridge in Santa Rosa built by Francisco Vázquez de Coronado, as they allege. We might have even driven over it without realizing it, but time was running out and we drove on.

I must recommend New Mexico, although it is a pity if one must drive through Texas to reach it. We passed from the purgatory of Texas to be greeted in New Mexico by a proud gateway on Interstate 40. And then each of the overpasses have been beautifully finished and decorated with Native American designs. Entering New Mexico the road became smooth and the sky turned blue. The landscape turned lovely and dramatic.

Ms Keogh just sent me a picture of earrings she wants to buy. Now she has me on the phone with the saleswoman so I can haggle. Later…

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