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Bentzman in Texas

March 15, 2011

Bruce heads into John Wayne country:

Cruising along Interstate 40 west of Oklahoma City, I saw my first longhorn. They really do have long horns, so long as to appear awkward and clownish.

I didn’t notice any obvious demarcation like a river to announce we were entering a different state, leaving Oklahoma and entering Texas. The pavement changed beneath the wheels, that was about it. But other changes soon became manifest. Fields of grass gave way to scrub. The land appeared dryer and less hospitable. A sharp eye found abandoned homes and shelters collapsing because of neglect, clapboard and brick structures both long out of use. Ms Keogh’s impression of Texas is that it is rusty, dilapidated, and abandoned, but that was likely just the part of Texas we passed through. Several times I saw stables where horses were standing in small muddy enclosures, just standing and staring at nothing, looking sullen. Can horse be sullen? I know next to nothing about horses. The horses had been roaming grassy hills in Oklahoma, mostly eating, but at least in motion. I don’t think they like horses in Texas. Read the rest of this entry »