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Bentzman in Gettysburg, Staunton and Monticello

March 12, 2011

More reports have come in from Bruce and Barbara on their cross-continental journey.
First stop was Gettysburg:

Battle of Gettysburg (Image: Wikipedia)

I have this sacred spot entirely to myself, the ground Chamberlain and his Maine volunteers held against a larger force. From here he launched his desperate charge with bayonets when the ammunition was nearly gone. I see the ground slope away from where I sit. Below the Alabamians were trying to charge up. They were defeated.

It is a cold day, a solid overcast, the sky entirely grey. When I was last here it was in a sweltering summer’s day and all I cared about was getting out of the heat. I remember little of that visit… How odd that in all the time I’ve been writing this, I’ve been entirely alone. No other visitors, except a squirrel. Heavy rains are expected to arrive tonight.

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