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Bentzman Begins his Journey

March 9, 2011

Bruce has begun his cross-continental journey to the Pacific and back. He writes:

Ms Keogh and I have arrive to the Hampton Inn at Gettysburg. We rely on Hampton Inns being reliably clean and comfortable.

During the long dull drive along the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Ms Keogh talked about how it was that others suggested this or that travel guide. This is something Ms Keogh and I share, we do not want to follow in another’s footsteps. Our adventure requires us to take risks and make our own discoveries. She asked me why do other people go to so much trouble as to seek advice, make reservations, allow others to serve as guides. I suggested it was because they feared discomfort and disappointment. We both agreed those elements were necessary contributions to any adventure.

The adventure has not yet begun. So far we’ve only seen the narrow strip of highway that entered our headlights and the interior of a hotel room much like all the others. The morning will bring something new, so I should get to sleep and wake early to greet it.