Helena Nelson on Poetry Competitions

March 7, 2011

Anyone who goes in for poetry competitions (especially those that make you pay a hefty fee for participating) will find Helena Nelson’s latest Happenstance blog post well worth reading.


2 Responses to “Helena Nelson on Poetry Competitions”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Helena Nelson’s latest blog post was very informative. Thanks for posting the link I reside in the USA, and begin to wonder if it is a liability in regard to UK competitions & submissions. Most require UK residence (which is understandable). Any advice?

    • I think all you can do is read the small print of the rules. If UK residence is required, then obviously it’s a waste of time entering.
      If not, then it’s a gamble (but then all poetry competitions are gambles). Sometimes it’s probably worth Googling the judges, to see if they’re the kind of people who might appreciate your kind of poetry.

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