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Dogs and Cats

March 2, 2011

Diva and Bill

Dogs and cats may not be human, but they are family. They matter to us. They deserve some poetry.

We looked for dog and cat poems on the internet, and most were appallingly soppy. We know that the readers and writers of Snakeskin can do much better.

Our May number will therefore be a special issue on the theme of Cats and Dogs.  We’re aiming way beyond Hallmark sentimentality. Not that we’re barring emotion – far from it – but we’re looking for poems rooted in the reality of these fascinating animals.

Send your poems (singly, or in batches of up to six) to uk. The deadline is 15th April.

The photo above is of my Labrador, Bill (on the right) with his friend Diva, a rather beautiful Boxer cross.  Theirt battle over that stick deserves a twelve-book epic, at the very least.