March Snakeskin

February 28, 2011

We’re online, and it’s something of a bumper number.

Partly, this is because February was Jessy’s special Food number, so the poems on other subjects have been piling up in my inbox for over two months.

Judging how large a number of Snakeskin should be is always tricky. If it’s too small, we’ve maybe denied a promising poet the chance of an audience. If it’s too big, the best work may get lost among the rest  – or not even seen at all if readers don’t persevere with checking out all the poems.

I think March Snakeskin is quality all through – so I’d beg readers to try out all the poets on offer. In particular, I’d say don’t miss Jane Røken, a poet new to Snakeskin, and with a most distinctive voice.

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