February 28, 2011

March Snakeskin is nearly ready. It’s been a big job this month, with a very long shortlist to whittle down to the select few. Or not so few, actually – this will be one of the bigger issues, with plenty of familiar names, and also some first-rate newcomers.

Two things please me especially:

First, the return of K.M.Payne. Ken produced some spectacular work in Snakeskin‘s early years, before taking a long break from poetry. It’s very good to have him back.

I have fond fond memories of my collaborations with Ken, back in the late nineties when the world was young.Our crowning achievement was the mad and monstrous Maze of Mirrors, an attempt to use hypertexts to make an internet poem do things that would be impossible on the printed page.

Snakeskin hasn’t featured many poetic hypertexts lately, which brings me to the second particular reason for being pleased with this issue. Bryan Murphy, another contributor of long standing, sent me a hypertext version of a short poem that appeared in an early Snakeskin. It’s been a pleasure getting the code to work (I hadn’t realised how very rusty I was when it came to writing JavaScript functions) and the finished article will be there in the March issue.

Bryan’s is quite a simple hypertext. If any readers fancy trying to produce something similar, let me know. I can look after the coding (I hope.) I shall definitely be having a go at it myself, so you can look forward to some sort of Simmers hypertext appearing within the next month or two.

2 Responses to “Hyper”

  1. Michelle Says:

    You are a daunting inovater George. I look forward to the next post

  2. Michelle Says:

    INNOVATOR….I am a lazy typist and a slack proof reader. Sorry

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