Freedom is a Myth

February 2, 2011

Hassan Abdulrazzak, a regular contributor to Snakeskin, sends this reaction to the current protests in Tunisia, Egypt and elsewhere:

Freedom is a Myth

Dedicated to the brave protestors across the Middle East.

If freedom had a smell
It wouldn’t be lavender, roses or jasmine
If it spoke, it wouldn’t twitter.
If it socialised, it wouldn’t facebook.

If it existed, it would be out on the streets,
Slick with sweat, taking the blows and standing,
Chanting and demanding,
Mocking with effigies made out of cardboard,
Spreading highly infectious viral jokes
And falling in love with itself.

If it existed, it would be old before it’s born
For it had lived,
Curtailed, silent, in a thousand hearts.
Someone would have taken it with them to the grave.
Someone would have whispered it in an ear.
Someone would have betrayed it to the government.

The tyrant assures himself:
There’s nothing to fear
For freedom is a myth
In the east and in the west;
All is safe, all is well.
Except one thought keeps nibbling
At his sleep:
All myths must spring from somewhere.

You can contact Hassan at

5 Responses to “Freedom is a Myth”

  1. Graham Hennin Says:


  2. John R Cornwall Says:

    Well done Dag Shen Ma

  3. multivalence Says:

    I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I think this is a brilliant poem.

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