The Food Issue is Served!

January 31, 2011

February Snakeskin is now online at

Jessy Randall has done a great job on the editing, and it’s an issue full of pleasures.

It may give you some ideas when next you’re recipe planning. You could try a turducken, for example (a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey).

Hmmm… Perhaps I’ll pass on that one. Limpa bread, however, is another matter.

I was intrigued by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer’s poem about this, so looked up some recipes. It is a rye bread flavoured with fennel, caraway, star anise and orange zest. Liking the sound of this, I adapted one of the recipes slightly for my breadmaker (because I’m afraid I don’t really go in for craftsmanlike hand-kneading, and prefer to let the machine do the hard work). I can assure you that limpa is absolutely delicious – especially when spread thickly with marmalade, though it’s good with cheese, too.

If I’m ever asked which of Snakeskin’s poems has given me most pleasure, Rosemerry’s will be a strong contender.

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