January 16, 2011

That very talented poet, M.A.Griffiths, died in 2009. I am very pleased to learn that Grasshopper, a collection of her work, has been published by Arrowhead Books.

Here is a poem of hers that appeared in Snakeskin.

Pumpkin Pie

He’d sworn that she was not his type, too thin
with, at the most, three-quarters of a mind
and, Geez, that laugh – a gerbil drowned in gin!
He’d stressed again that he abhorred that kind
of wet-lipped tart with slap fit for a clown,
all tawdry flesh and flash, a laughing stock,
hems hoist like flags and necklines plunging down:
sure signs of too much mileage on the clock.

His wife soon read the tale in Visa’s sums,
his statements contradicted, line by line;
how odd a modern fairytale becomes
when fantasy and fact and lies combine.

That ugly sister was a myth – instead
he’d had a ball in Cinderella’s bed.

2 Responses to “M.A.Griffiths”

  1. SK Iyer Says:

    M A Griffiths

    Certain oddness in phrasing of life,
    which makes this poem individual.

    “Improve it”, she said, “by removing
    words duplicate; but the quaint of it
    I like. Particularly of note,
    I find ‘days dropped from the stalk of time’.”

    Time has been running out steadfastly,
    since the day she doffed her hat to me,
    till she found a resting place in peace.

    But I could not turn my handicap
    of English not being my mother tongue
    into an advantage, except that
    I am still residing in her words –
    all of them are still original.

    (Based on one of her emails to me, over a decade ago.)

  2. SK -thanks for this.

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