Happy New Year

January 13, 2011

Well, my attempt was only a runner-up in the Spectator acrostic competition, and I never did wish the readers of this blog a happy new yesr, so I’ll use the poem do so now, belatedly:

Hardy once heard an aged thrush whose song
At the dreary end of one more uphill year
Persuaded him not everything was wrong.
Pessimist Tom half-raised an almost-cheer,
Yet we today can’t follow him in that;
Now turdus philomelos is under threat
(Efficient farming’s junked his habitat –
Wild and protective hedgerows, thickly set).
Yesterday’s common songbird’s now so rare,
Experts predict that he might disappear;
And only a heart of stone, I think, would dare
Request him to proclaim a blithe new year.

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