A Banquet of Verse

January 11, 2011


At the moment I am setting up the poems for the next Snakeskin, the special FOOD issue. I’m well in advance of the normal monthly routine that I explained a week or so ago, because guest editor Jessy Randall has been hyper-efficient, and has sent me the whole package of poems, neatly selected and impeccably proof-read, a month early.
So all I have to do is set them up in web format, which is a very pleasant task indeed – because the poems are mouth-wateringly enjoyable. Many of the poets have set themselves the task of conveying in words the gastronomic  pleasures, of eating and of cooking.  I have been introduced to  flavours I did not know before – such as limpa bread – and to one or two dishes that I’m not sure I want to try – turducken, anyone?
Because I’ve more time than usual, and because it suits the theme, I’m adding more illustrations than I normally do. In most issues of Snakeskin, maybe two poems have a picture attached. Sometimes I add a picture just for fun, but often it is because a picture can be better than a footnote when it comes to explaining the context of a poem, or a reference in it. This time, though, the whole issue is a banquet, and I’m hoping that illustrations will add to the feeling of excess.
The FOOD issue will come online on February 1st.


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