The Underground Poet

February 1, 2010

The Underground Poet is a possibly odd bloke, who leaves  his verses in carriages of the London Underground, to amuse, inspire or depress commuters.

You can read his work on his website.

This rather good poem is an example:

The Executioner Loves His Child

For Slavoj Žižek

I don’t like where I work or the commute,
My mother’s in decline and money’s tight.
But music, books and rolling fatherhood
Bring a rich inner life and private delight.

My friend says that is a story we tell
To account for our public selves, a screen
For us to hide behind and make two men:
One who we are, the other a machine.

“All inauthentic sentiment!”, he says,
“We are the aggregate of what we do!”
But still I love the music in my mind
And the private joy I share with you.

And so I sit as the train rolls in late
Sometimes a man, sometimes an aggregate.


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